Shortlist - Polish Shorts

Focus: The Body I Live In Visual Front at the 19th New Horizons International Film Festival

Shortlist is a brief review of Polish short films that will leave no one feeling indifferent. We chose directors starting to make their mark, getting buzz, surprising audiences and gradually formulating their styles.

Most of this year’s selection of 21 short features, documentaries and animated films were produced at Poland’s film schools in Łódź, Katowice, Gdynia and at the Munk Studio. Though we've had our eye on some of these filmmakers for years it is likely that this year we'll show their final short films before they go on to their anxiously-awaited full-length films. These include Justyna Mytnik (Fascinatrix), Marcin Filipowicz (Boys with Butterflies) and Damian Kocur (1410) and a new psychedelic animation by Tomasz Popakul entitled Acid Rain. Other filmmakers are making their sophomore appearance in our section, after a successful debut, including Zofia Kowalewska, director of the well-known Ties, who is back with the film Bliscy (Loved Ones) or Zuzanna Grajcewicz, winner of the Zuzanna Kolska Prize at the 18th New Horizons IFF; this year, she will show her Dog Days. There is palpable excitement about the discovery of new talent, including Barbara Rupik, director of the animated Duszyczka (The Little Soul), awarded in Cannes in the Cinéfondation section, Igor Kawecki and his brilliant documentary Oko boga (Eye of God), and Anastazja Dąbrowska, director of a moving portrait of two sisters, Wonder Girls.

The section offers four sets of very diverse movies and after the screenings there will be plenty of time for Q&As with the filmmakers. 

Magdalena Sztorc, section curator

Zestaw 1, 95'

ACID RAIN, reż. Tomek Popakul, Polska 2019, 26' 
Krzyżoki, reż. Anna Gawlita, Polska 2018, 19' 
Wonder Girls, reż. Anastazja Dąbrowska, Polska 2018, 20' 
Sztangista / Weightlifter, reż. Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk, Ukraina, Polska 2018, 30'

Zestaw 2, 97'

Chłopcy z motylkami, reż. Marcin Filipowicz, Polska 2018, 27' 
Oko boga / Eye of God, reż. Igor Kawecki, Polska 2019, 17' 
We mnie / Within me, reż. Maria Wider, Polska 2019, 21' 
Cyborgy, reż. Adam Żądło, Polska 2018, 7' 
Oddech / Breathe, reż. Daria Kasperek, Polska 2019, 25'

Zestaw 3, 96'

Bliscy, reż. Zofia Kowalewska, Polska 2018, 14' 
Fascinatrix, reż. Justyna Mytnik, Polska 2018, 18' 
Ovule, reż. Natalia Durszewicz, Polska 2019, 4' 
Tama / The Dam, reż. Natalia Koniarz, Polska 2018, 22' 
Badylok, reż. Karolina Kłapkowska, Polska 2017, 10' 
1410, reż. Damian Kocur, Polska 2018, 28'

Zestaw 4, 93'

Piołun / Bitter Herb, reż. Maria Ornaf, Polska 2019, 16' 
Duszyczka / The Little Soul, reż. Barbara Rupik, Polska 2019, 10' 
Dzień pierwszy / The First Day, reż. Daniel Banaczek, Polska 2018, 28' 
Chudy / Skinny, reż. Daniel Stopa, Polska 2018, 7' 
Dog Days, reż. Zuzanna Grajcewicz, Polska 2019, 15' 
Zwykłe losy Zofii / Ordinary Life of Sophie, reż. Dominika Gnatek, Polska 2018, 18'

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