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Inner Life: The Bump

Życie wewnętrzne: Brzuch
Chroma. Księga kolorów Kasia Kmita A Horizontal Panorama: Kodras

Studio Gallery BWA Wrocław
46a/301 Ruska st.

July 27 – August 4, 2 – 10 PM
August 5-17 during the gallery’s opening hours

free entry

opening: July 26, 7 PM
guided tours:
July 27 – August 2 at 6 PM

31.07 at 3-6 PM performance In Silence Iza Chlewińska

The collateral exhibition to the festival’s Focus: The Body I Live In, which explores various corporeal experiences in cinema. In the gallery, we are looking closely at just one but crucial body part: a bump!

Inner Life is a show about the womb life and its tricky conditions: physical, emotional, political and philosophical. A moment in life, when the body doubles and exceeds itself. A condition almost impossible to comprehend, blessed for some, shocking for others. Time of secret expectations and wild projections. Pure potentiality. An experience, as much corporeal as mental, most thrilling, challenging and alien of all.

We confront film pregnancies with the imagination of visual artists. Refreshing the age old metaphor of conceiving as a creative process. In a gallery, which will become a symbolic uterus - a discourse made of blood and tears, mysticism and astrology, archetypes and biopolitics, patriarchy and feminism - will be born. The horrors and miracles of the inner life.

artists: Mania Akbari/Douglas White, Oskar Dawicki, Monika Drożyńska, Magda Hueckel, Dorota Kozieradzka, Norman Leto, Anna Odell, Witek Orski, Tabita Rezaire, Joanna Rytel, Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet

curators: Ewa Szabłowska, Stach Szabłowski
collaboration: Joanna Stembalska (Studio Gallery BWA Wrocław)
exhibition space: Fabien Lédé

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Tickets sale starts on 17th July, 12pm.
fr 26 Jul, 19:00 bwa
sa 27 Jul, 18:00 bwa
guided tour
su 28 Jul, 18:00 bwa
guided tour
mo 29 Jul, 18:00 bwa
guided tour
tu 30 Jul, 18:00 bwa
guided tour
we 31 Jul, 18:00 bwa
guided tour
th 01 Aug, 18:00 bwa
guided tour
fr 02 Aug, 18:00 bwa
guided tour
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