Marcin Pieńkowski: Cannes in a haze of the absurd

Deerskin, dir. Quentin Dupieux
The premiere of "Bird Talk" by Xawery Żuławski Olivier Assayas: a romantic born a little too late

Reports by our selectors from the Cannes Festival
(14-25 May 2019)

The Cannes festival gets under way in a haze of the absurd. Jim Jarmusch has made an apocalyptic comedy about zombies. The Dead Don’t Die is hilarious slow cinema, a genre film that is at the same time the manifesto of a director who has evidently had enough of the modern consumerist lifestyle. Laughter mixes with a bitter message. The brilliant Deerskin Quentin Dupieux gives a fantastic performance as a guy who buys a jacket with a fringe and dreams of destroying all the jackets in the world for it. A wonderful film that is absurd, laconic, slow and self-referential. 

Marcin Pieńkowski, artistic director of the New Horizons International Film Festival

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